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Tanj - "A brand naming & language studio."

Meet Tanj:

Tanj is a New York based brand naming company that also has a language studio. They believe in the power of words and how those words can empower people. Using this, they create names to propel brands for achieving great thing.

How Tanj Works:

They have a comprehensive process for finding the right name to give your brand power.

Simple and effective.

Is Tanj Right for you?

With their process and history of excellence, it is hard to imagine that Tanj wouldn’t be the right fit. They cover all the bases and ensure you don’t have any surprises. They have a staff of creatives that work very hard to give your brand the identity it deserves. And they know you want a solid ROI, so they strive to make sure your customer connects with your brand on a deep level.

Why Tanj is Awesome?

They love to collaborate with the client. When you sign up, you remail part of the team. That is rare, because most creatives wish to be hands-on with the client waiting patiently. That doesn’t work at Tanj. They know that collaboration is the key to success and keep you in the loop though he entire process. An awesome choice on their part, and yours.

Pricing and Packages

No pricing listed

Turnaround Time

No time frame listed

Tanj Pros

  • Collaborative environment
  • Comprehensive process
  • Impressive client list
  • Great creative team

Tanj Cons

  • No pricing
  • No turnaround times