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Tagline for Charity Bridge

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Tagline for Charity Bridge

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The theme of a Bridge will capture the essence of our charity and be part of its name somehow (name still undetermined). The charity is a Christian friendly organization but the tagline does not need to sound religious, but can. The essence of the bridge is bridging separation so that people who are isolated from one another may connect and be better together, listen to and get to know one another. A bridge gets people unstuck and expands possibilities. A bridge is 2-way so people from both sides can cross freely and relate with one another so it is empowering for both sides. Both sides are equally valuable. Connecting across barriers such as economic, social status, ages, distance, language, culture and other barriers to empower others to grow, transform, strengthen. In the context of Christianity the idea would be bridging divides to promote the flow and sharing of resources (knowledge, training, talents, finances, etc) to strengthen one another's faith and enable one another to serve at full capacity and to share the faith. Focus areas of the charity are 1. building partnerships 2. helping children 3. empowering leaders and do not need to be mentioned. Just sharing the focus areas to give you more of an idea of initiative areas.

Target audience would be both donors to the charity as well as beneficiaries. Needs to be relatable and respectful to all.

Thank you for helping:)

What do you need written

A tagline to communicate to others what we are about based on the info provided about company and target audience.

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