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Mass. Bar Foundation Tagline

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Through its grantmaking and charitable activities, the Massachusetts Bar Foundation (MBF) works to increase access to justice for all in Massachusetts. The MBF provides grants across the commonwealth to legal services organizations serving clients in children, elder, health, family, housing, immigration, and employment law issues. The Foundation's primary grantmaking initiatives are the IOLTA Grants Program (supporting direct civil legal services and improvements to the administration of justice) and the MBF Legal Intern Fellowship Program (awarding stipends to law students interning with legal non-profits.) In addition, the MBF on occasion awards Special Project Grants for initiatives that expand access to justice or promote an understanding of the law. The MBF has three main audiences: donors/fellows, grantees, and prospective donors. The Donors/fellows are essential to MBF’s philanthropic and grantmaking process because they support the MBF financially, often serve as volunteers or Trustees, collaborate to review grant applications, and help to raise additional funds. Grantees are nonprofits who use MBF funds to perform critical work, either providing civil legal services or improving the administration of justice in the state. Prospective donors are made up mostly of lawyers and judges, though any Massachusetts resident is welcome to support the Foundation. Prospective donors are motivated altruistically to increase access to justice, but also may be interested in the collegial networking opportunities and visibility inherent in membership. With engagement from all of these audiences, MBF and its stakeholders create lasting positive change for the state and its justice system.

What do you need written

The MBF is looking for a more contemporary tagline that better conveys its impact and engages its audiences. The existing descriptive tagline is “Keeping the promise of justice since 1964.”

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