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SimplyHired - "One Search, Millions of Jobs"

Meet SimplyHired:

SimplyHired, a UK based company, helps millions of people find great jobs and love what they do. Find local jobs in your city or remote work to be home with family while still earning a living. And the list of niches is vast, from educators to data entry and so many more.

How SimplyHired Works:

The site is vague, but it appears to work similarly to other freelancer platforms. Post your job and you will receive offers from qualified, talented workers who want to attach to a top freelance job platform. It operates similarly to Indeed and other job sites.

Is SimplyHired right for you:

If you need work and live in the UK, then yes. Outside of the UK, unless you want to work remotely, it might be a little tricky. SimplyHired is tailored to UK residents looking for work. Those within this area who need a job, SimplyHired has lots of them in so many niches you have to see the list for yourself.

What makes SimplyHired awesome:

Instead of blanketing the world with work, it concentrates on one area. The United Kingdom is just like anywhere else; they have jobs and vacancies. SimplyHired is designed to fill those voids with the top-shelf talent these companies need and do it efficiently. They think locally, taking care of needs where they live, which makes them an awesome community resource.

Pricing and Packages

As a hiring site, the jobs, the talent, the time frames, all are worked out with the client. No pricing is indicated on the site.

Turnaround Time

This is rendered irrelevant based on the vast nature of niches offered to professionals.

SimplyHired Pros

  • Easy to use platform
  • Tons of niches
  • Lots of jobs from one search

SimplyHired Cons

  • Only hires in UK
  • No pricing

(Only for freelancers living and working in the United Kingdom)