T-Shirt Design Contest


by SUCKITUPstraws

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Winning entry by JUNE 85

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Describe your company and organization and target audience

Reusable Products company, branching into the travel sector so as we open up post pandemic we can choose to reuse (i.e. keep cups, waterbottles and travel straws).

The design should have the following

logo front - maybe just the cup symbol of the logo with this ♻️around it? Or the recycle symbol ♻️ on back with these words Take only Photos, Leave only footprints & Make Memories Not Waste. #REUSENOTREPLACE Not tree huggy, but cool tshirt - fashionable. not bullet points words moving through images or something

Briefly describe your contest

Eco Friendly Tshirt for Eco Travellers - Get your design seen all around the world Winner Guaranteed