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Boswell Volunteer Fire Department

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Boswell VFD is a volunteer fire and ambulance service located in Somerset County, Pennsylvanial. We have approximately 25 volunteers who respond to about 100-150 fire calls and 500 ambulance calls each year in our rural small town of about 1,400 people. We receive limited government funding, but rather rely on fundraising events, grants, and private donations to fund the bulk of our operations. We are hoping to design a souvenir t-shirt that can be sold prior to and at our town's "Community Days" block party in August as a fundraiser for the fire department. The hope is that the design will appeal to current and former residents as a way to show pride in where they're from.

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Primary focus of the design should be the slogan, All's Well in Boswell. Other text that could be included in various combinations would be, "Boswell, Pennsylvania," "Somerset County, Pennsylvania" or the zip code, "15531." Other things that may inspire your design: The town was originally founded as a coal company town with a large mine just outside of town; there are still numerous active coal mines in nearby communities, but no longer in town. There is a strong sense of patriotism as with most rural areas, but it is especially strong with the Flight 93 National Memorial being just ten miles away, and Somerset County having claimed the nickname of "America's County." Our local schools are part of the North Star School District, their mascot is the Cougars, and their colors are forest green and white. Since these shirts are being promoted and sold by the fire department, it might be nice to find a way to sublely honor that by including a fire truck, dalmatian, maltese cross, or some other symbol that might make that connection. The slogan "All's Well in Boswell" was selected, in part, because it seemed to be a neat tie-in to the fire department. The fire department's patch/logo will be included on the back of the shirt along with logos and names of various other organizations and businesses (this is something that we will take care of in-house with our printer several months from now. The final design will be screen-printed by a local company. Design should be limited to 2-4 colors to save on printing costs and maximize profit for the fire department.

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Town Pride Shirt Fundraising for Volunteer Firefighters