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Aquatic Hunt

by sfvernaglia

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Winning entry by yakuza20

Company or website name

Aquatic Hunt

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Describe your company and organization and target audience

Aquatic Hunt was founded to help scuba and freedivers find new fun, excitement and full bellies. Whether hunting Lionfish to Save Our Reefs, sweet lobster, spicy tuna or golden doubloons we’ll help you Get Your Gear On with the Right Tools for the Hunt.

We are a US Company owned & operated by Divers for Divers who are Product Development Engineer Experts. Focused on Conservation of our Natural World & Sustainable / Responsible harvesting of Nature's Bounty. Aquatic Hunt seeks to offer the best innovative dive products & curate the best products & accessories to meet the needs of all divers. Gear up & Get Wet!

The target audience is a mix of thrill seeker, hunter and conservationist. These folks love to dive, love the thrill of the hunt and love knowing that their efforts are helping save our reef habitats.

The design should have the following

I have already created a cartoon and infographics to help explain why Lionfish are a target and how to reduce their numbers. Be sure to see this page for those details: https://www.aquatichunt.com/why-lionfish

This t-shirt design should A) acknowledge the problem (maybe with map and some key statistics), B) show the solution by showing Aquatic Hunt Gloves, Lionfish Spear and Lionfish Locker (locker is still under development but shown in lionfish cartoon and attached to this brief), C) Include the company logo (even if just in on the chest), D) Makes the Lionfish into a "bad guy", E) Looks really cool and make everyone what one, F) Think of how this primary works on a T-Shirt/Long Sleeve shirt(rash guard) and how it could work on a baseball hat

Example of a competitors shirt that I like: https://lionfishzk.com/product/zookeeper-tshirt-map/

Briefly describe your contest

Help Save our Reefs by designing a shirt that unifies and motivates divers to hunt the invasive Lionfish