TAP Engineering -a T-Shirt Design Contest by kevinrose17

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TAP Engineering

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TAP Engineering is a US-based engineering services company specializing in the research, development and rapid-prototyping of custom microelectronics hardware and software solutions for information-sensitive government and commercial clients.

The design should have the following

Design a logo for a t-shirt showing an astronaut planting a “TAP Engineering” flag into a moon-like planet made of circuitry. TAP Engineering recently won our first space-based microelectronics development contract and we’d like this logo to convey our conquest into space in a simple and whimsical way. Please have the flag display the TAP Engineering Logo (which we can/will provide) in a manner that is clearly visible. We’d like to incorporate microelectronics into the logo. One idea we had was to make the moon that the astronaut has landed on some form of spherical circuit board with chips and circuit traces on it. And, the spot where the flag is plunged into the moon-like circuit could be cracked a bit (to show some force/action). We are open to other ideas on this. For the astronaut, one idea we had was to make the astronaut look like the MTV moon man. If there was a clear connection this could be funny/nostalgic to the target demographic. We’re open to other ideas on this. We are open to having the Earth in the background and/or stars or other space object for context. But, we don’t want the design to be too busy/overloaded. The background of the t-shirt will be dark (black, navy blue) so the logo should work well with a dark background. The ideal design will be simple, clean, clever and a bit whimsical. It is important that the viewer can read “TAP Engineering” on the flag and can tell that electronics are involved since that is what our company does. The primary use for this design will be screen printing on a t-shirt, however we plan to use it on other forms of promotional/marketing materials as well. Due to printing costs, we'd prefer to limit the design to a maximum of 6 colors. It is acceptable to use less colors. With the winning design, we would need file formats on both white and transparent backgrounds.

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Electronics in Space