Electronics Circuit USA Flag -a T-Shirt Design Contest by kevinrose17

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Electronics Circuit USA Flag

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Describe your company and organization and target audience

TAP Engineering is a US-based engineering services company specializing in the research, development and rapid-prototyping of custom microelectronics hardware and software solutions for information-sensitive government and commercial clients.

The design should have the following

Design an American Flag built from microelectronics circuit elements.

When looking at the logo it should be immediately clear to everyone that it represents the American Flag. It should also be clear after a brief study by anyone with a technical/engineering background that it is constructed from electronic circuit/component elements (i.e. circuit traces, components/chips). The preferred design will be a simple, clean, clever merging of the two concepts.

After the contest is over, we will be pairing the winning design with our company logo and a catch phrases using our company font. As such, the preferred design will blend well with our logo/font (files included).

The primary use for this design will be screen printing on a t-shirt, however we plan to use it on other forms of promotional/marketing materials as well. Due to printing costs, we'd prefer to limit the design to a maximum of 6 colors. It is acceptable to use less colors.

With the winning design, we would need the following versions:
1A & B - Color Version w/ Traditional USA Red, White & Blue Colors (with up to 3 additional colors) on White & Transparent Backgrounds
2A & B - Color Version w/ Red, White & Blue Colors that match the TAP Engineering Logo (with up to 3 additional colors) on White & Transparent Backgrounds

Additionally, IF the design lends itself to a single-color variation we'd like the following versions (this is not a requirement, it's a "nice to have"):
3A & B - All Black Logo on White Background4A & B - All White on Black & Transparent Backgrounds

Briefly describe your contest

Electronics Circuit USA Flag for TAP Engineering