5PM Hustle -a T-Shirt Design Contest by Aeronica5

Creative Brief

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Company or website name

5PM Hustle

Describe your company and organization and target audience

My company create t-shirts with motivational quotes, statements or messages for hard working individuals who are working to become an entrepreneur. The purpose of the tshirts is to keep the person reminded of why they started their 5PM Hustle (5PM Hustle means the when a person get off of there 9 to 5 job and start the work to becoming an entrepreneur). My company want to keep the people who are on a positive path to becoming an entrepreneur on positive path by creating positive affirmation by creating visible positive reinforcement with amazing quotes, statement or messages on a t-shirt. Something that will keep the person reminded of why they work so hard and why they stated.

The design should have the following

I would like a definition t-shirt design that gives the meaning of 5pm Hustle. 5pm Hustle: [/fīv/ p.m hus·tle | /ˈhəsəl/] verb 1. the game plan after a 9 to 5 to reach goals; even when you feel like giving up. 2. the daily grind forward to achieve goals that will elevate success.

Briefly describe your contest

Serious design. Defintion tee. Make "5PM Hustle" standout.