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We really don't have a target audience...pretty much everybody.

I decided originally to start Mi Amor Art as a business and a way to earn a living for my daughter and I. I do love the arts and always have so its been a passion as well. However I’m pleased to say it has turned into so much more ! The ultimate objective is to help increase connection and positive human interaction. As a mother of a young child I noticed there are not a whole lot of different play date options or just fun different things to do with our children. We do enjoy the many play gyms around town, however, I felt as children they don’t get to connect much and share their feelings, likes, nor get to know one another in general. It can be hard to communicate and feel understood already as a child, they are still learning everything us adults already know. Sorry, I have to remind myself if this regularly!Communicating while jumping, screaming and chasing one another can be challenging or just nonexistent.

At Mi Amor Art you can connect with one another in a relaxing, FUN and beautiful environment. The idea also came from an immense sense of connection I get with my own daughter after coloring and chatting on a Saturday morning for a few hours. A sense of connection and being connected is one of our biggest gifts we can receive during childhood. Feeling connected to our family/friends and a part of things is a way to feel understood, appreciated, grounded and cared for as a human being. Without connection it’s hard to have any sense of well being.

Whether a family day to connect and creating a fun portrait for your home or to friends who want to catch up. Take a photo, paint it or color it together to celebrate or remember a special occasion or just for fun! I truly feel we have something to offer, every creative soul.

Art is very healing and again wonderful for getting in touch with ourselves and others. Art can show us new perspective and depth into our souls. The act of creating is always fun for those with any type of a creative eye. I invite everyone of all ages to come in and join us !

*Connect- I do not use that term loosely. Connecting is deeper than just one person talking and the others listen. It’s about everyone feeling heard, understood, loved and being able to be open with one another.

Growing positive healthy relationships since 2020!



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