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Top Shelf Foods

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Top Shelf Foods

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We are a startup company offering gourmet freeze-dried meals and snacks. Freeze drying is a method of preserving food that not only preserves the nutrition of the food, but also offers a 25-year shelf life. Neither canning nor dehydration come anywhere close to this (both provide only a 2-year shelf life).

Our target audience includes:

  1. Preppers -- people who stockpile food in anticipation of a catastrophe or societal/economic collapse.
  2. Hikers/Campers -- people who want delicious meals they can easily pack and prepare in the wilderness.
  3. High School/College kids -- students on the go who enjoy the novelty of freeze dried ice cream sandwiches and candies.

Although we aren't the first freeze dryers in the market, our differentiator is in the quality-- hence the name, "Top Shelf". The top shelf is where grandma would store the best, highest-quality foods. Although not germane to our business, "Top Shelf" is also a nod to one of the owners' 13 years as a hockey mom. "Top Shelf" in hockey refers to the area of the goal between the top bar of the net and the goalie's shoulders. If you score in this area it is a "top shelf" goal. I would focus on the food aspect of this logo (not the hockey reference), but thought that bit of information on why we named it so might help.

The way freeze drying works --

1. Food is placed on a metal tray and placed in the freeze dryer.

2. The freeze dryer lowers the temperature to sub-zero temperatures, freezing the food.

3. The machine then extracts all of the moisture through a vacuum pump.

4. While the vacuum is extracting all of the moisture from the chamber, the machine increases in temperature so any remaining water vaporizes.

This results in food completely devoid of moisture, and weight can be reduced by up to 90%.

Some foods can be consumed in this form without rehydrating, such as candies, ice cream sandwiches, dried fruits, etc. 

Other foods would be rehydrated, such as soups, stews, meal kits, meats, and veggies.



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