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We are a prelaunch business called revoola. Industry is Fitness, Exercise, Technology

4 words we want to communicate about our business are Exercise, Sharing, Progress , Connected

The brand name is a result of a brainstorming process, that explicitly choose to stay away from words such as Fitness, Connectivity , Exercise , Ride, Home Class

The proposition is to offer indoor fitness classes, at home, in the Gym doing Spinning, Rowing, Running, HIIT, etc.

You choose what you do, when you want to do it and where you do it.

It is aimed at those recovering from illness or injury, time poor individuals, these who can’t always get to the gym and want something that they can use at home, when travelling or in the gym, those who may find the gym intimidating and those who want the best classes without the expense of gym membership.

Targeting the Health and Fitness market, revoola is an app based business, delivering a highly engaging and inspiring live / on-demand fitness class experience to its subscribing member base.

A range of classes offer varying types of exercise and aim to provide for of all levels of fitness. Working with recognized industry bodies revoola caters for those recovering from Illness or injury through to elite athletes. One of the major strengths of revoola is the ability for members to measure and their track performance against themselves or their chosen community. This delivers increased motivation for our members, also allowing them to share socially, and attain achievement awards. Members have access to a rich source of data derived from the classes they have participated in.

The open nature of the revoola software platform allows members to connect their chosen devices and wearable technology to interact directly with the app. This uniquely caters for entry level participants who may only want to start with a heart rate monitor maybe built into their watch and all the way to elite athletes who use sophisticated equipment to track their performance. Below is an example of one of the revoola indoor cycle classes highlighting how a member and their devices interact directly with revoola.



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