Logo Design Contest


by rankeze

Contest received 236 entries and the contest holder has awarded a winner.

Winning entry by gEt_wOrk

Congratulations to winner gEt_wOrk ! They were awarded the contest prize of $50.00


rankeze Contest Holder
Hello designers, Thank you so much for all of your great submissions so far! We have starred a few entries that we like, and would love to see more concepts around these designs. A few suggestions from our team: 1. We like the inclusion of the magnifying or search glass. 2. We like the mouse pointer look within the A letter. 3. We'd like to see more two-tone color examples on the EZE part of RANKEZE. 4. Not a big fan of missing E's, backwards letters, or extended Ks. We look forward to seeing all of your revisions! Thank you, RANKEZE Team