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Nenagh Neurofuse

by SBoland
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Nenagh Neurofuse

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Neuro Developmental Therapy

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Nenagh Neurofuse is a provider of non-invasive therapies, neuro developmental therapy and Johansen Sound Therapy. Both therapies are key to treating Neuro Developmental Delay (NDD) in children and adults. NDD can present itself in numerous ways, but some of the symptoms associated with it are: • Difficulty learning to read and/or write • Difficulty with sequencing and math • Difficulty copying tasks • Difficulty telling the time on a traditional clock • Excessive anxiety • Poor concentration, easily distracted • Poor hand eye coordination • Poor coordination - difficulty in PE classes, learning to swim, ride a bike • Bedwetting beyond the age of 5years of age • Late to walk and/or talk. • Travel sickness • Hypersensitive to particular sounds • Difficulty staying focused while listening • Difficulty blocking out background noise • Difficulty remembering tasks • Difficulty with spelling and phonics • Comprehension- so much focus is on decoding messages heard that the meaning is lost. Neuro Developmental Therapy is a scientific based movement programme which helps to address retained or underdeveloped reflexes. We aim to address the retention of reflexes by recreating movements which establish neural connection and reset the neural clock. The early identification of Neuro Developmental Delay followed by appropriate remediation greatly increases self-esteem, improves motor and academic skills, thus enabling the child to develop into a mature happy and confident adult. Johansen Sound Therapy is an individualised sound therapy programme which is scientifically designed to gently alter and organize auditory processing by stimulating nerve pathways both into, and within the brain .The Johansen IAS therapy programme aims to help individuals follow instructions, remember information, learn new information, cope with background noise, and stay focused. This will benefit their concentration and understanding of information as it is dealt with in a quicker and more efficient manner. The therapy can also improve speech, language, and communication acquisition as well as decrease frustration and increase confidence when listening to and communicating with others. Target Market The target market who I see interested in using our services are parents, caregivers and teachers of children and young adults who are not achieving their potential be that in an academic or social setting. Guardians of children will easily identify with the symptoms of Neuro Developmental Delay listed above. Johansen Sound therapy program is equally beneficial to both children and adults.



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