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Logo Design Contest

Coastal Fountains

by Bartley

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Bartley Contest Holder

Hi Designers!  

I have added some pictures (screen shots) to help give direction.  I want the images of "Palms" or "fountains/waterfalls" etc. to be more abstract and modern in style vs a drawing of a fountain.

What I like images in the screen shots: 

The "Falls technology" logo illustrates a good example of a modern waterfall image.  Please don't copy this design, you can come up with something better but I like the modern, abstract, waterfall of this design.

The image with the "Palm tree" illustrates a modern palm.

The "Cascade" shows another good example of an abstract waterfall.   

The "Retric" logo is a great logo.  I love the font and overall look of this design.  I would like to see a Coastal Fountains logo in a style like this.

Thanks!  We can't wait to see your designs!

Bartley Contest Holder

Hi Designers!  

Some great designs coming in!

As we see more and more designs, it's becoming obvious to us that the "icon" needs to tie in with both "Coastal" and "Fountains".  Many of the designs are showing great abstract waterfalls but they need a coastal element like a "palm" or "surfboard" like the Retric logo in the screenshot images.  We are hoping that some cleaver designer will find a way to combine the two elements into one clean icon. 

We would like to see more logos with an oval shape like the Retric logo and the Capitol records logos I put in the image files.

We are excited to see your awesome designs!