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Cathedral Gardens

by katharynfm

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Winning entry by miledesign

Company or website name

Cathedral Gardens

Slogan or Tagline

Premium OG Portland Indoor

Describe your company and organization and target audience

Located in one of Portland's original townships, Cathedral Gardens ("CG") overlooks the peninsula formed by the confluence of the Willamette and the Columbia Rivers. CG reflects the St. John's neigbhorhood independent and homegrown spirit. We are experts in high quality genetics and high-quality flower grown from the most desirable, fire, and notorious strains many of which we breed ourselves. Just like the St. Johns Bridge, CG has evolved into an enduring symbol of Portland and at the same time a reminder of the city's gritty industrial history. Our customers vary, certain neighborhoods will be the Cannasseur, other neighborhoods trap stars, and still others the adventurous out of towners. They all have one thing in common, they are looking for the dankest shit with bag appeal. Cathedral Gardens delivers on the hype. It's the shit. We have the dopest product. In fact it's what our employees smoke in their free time. We know what's good. Customers want to smoke the hype, smoke fire product, trap star, line out the door. CG delivers on it. Other adjectives that jump to mind when you think of Cathedral Gardens: OG, edgy, underground, under the bridge, graffiti, dodgy but cool, cut, defined, incisive, tattoos, outlaws and rebels, grungy in a good way, gothic, Inspo: Silhouette of the St. John's Bridge https://www.pinterest.com/pin/112519690664183615/ Take me to church-- Hozier https://soundcloud.com/naxsy-official/naxsy-take-me-to-church-kiesza-cover https://www.etsy.com/listing/1061594731/portland-anarchist-jurisdiction-sticker http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2020/06/portlands-saint-johns-bridge-impressive.html https://www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/portland-sign.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Stag_sign#/media/File:Portland_Oregon_-_White_Stag_sign_at_dusk.jpg Ringside steakhouse sign in Portland

The design should have the following

We want your ideas from the creative brief, we are open to something really descriptive detailed or a simple silhouette of the bridge. We want to see all your creativity.

This logo will be used for

  • Online (Website, facebook etc.)
  • Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.)
  • Merchandise (mugs, t-shirts etc.)
  • Signs (including shops, billboards etc.)

This design should not have this in the entries

organic, hippie, green, stereotypical cannabis

What style of logo would you like?

Colors to use in the design

Open ended here. We don't have a palette in mind, bright but dark undertones, please lay off the greens.

Briefly describe your contest

Brand the newest fire indoor flower brand in Portland