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ApolloSDA designs and builds premium specialist disability homes in great locations, for people with a disability. We work closely with care providers, support coordinators, participants and their families, to design and build homes that are tailored to the specific needs of participants. ApolloSDA’s design criteria exceeds the standards of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, with additional design features included to improve sensory, functional, health, financial, recreational and communal outcomes for participants.Our mission, to help people with a disability find their dream home: where they are nurtured, safe and have the opportunity to thrive and live their best life.Our ‘why’ is underpinned by this basic human right - People with a disability deserve more than the bare minimum, they deserve more than ‘accommodation’ and more than a ‘house’ – like everyone, they deserve a home. Their own home, their castle. Who is the audience? • People with a profound disability that results in significant functional impairment (approx. 6% of people receiving NDIS funding – approx. 30,000 ppl) (“participants”) • Parents / carers of participants • SIL / Care providers (these are the organisations that are basically responsible for the day to day care and management of people with really profound disabilities ie those that need 24 hour care) • Support coordinators – work with participants and help them to implement their plan

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