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WHAT: Undesign is a startup design company which will cater to both residential and commercial clients alike. I create comprehensive, master-planned design concepts for those who seek to create unique, compelling new spaces for themselves and others to enjoy. Before a renovation can begin, clients need a strong, guiding vision for their space. They have a look in mind, and more importantly, a "feeling" that they want to achieve once the space has been built out. This can include interior rooms, exterior landscapes, offices, retail spaces, or even restaurants.

HOW: I thoroughly interview my clients and I personally assess the space(s) they will be renovating. I then use modern CAD software to design and render an exciting, life-like 3D model of their project. I collaborate with clients until we've finally reached a perfect design.

WHY: I'll be the first to admit that this task isn't new. But what is new, is the growing demand for unique and original project designs that break far away from the boring, the traditional and the mundane. Most clients start their renovation journey by contacting either a builder or an over-priced architect. While a good builder can bring even the most unusual ideas to life, they typically are not perpetual students of design, and do not seek to push the boundaries of what can be done. An architect is traditionally the answer to this, but hiring one capable of creating bold new looks generally requires paying a fortune, which eliminates this solution for virtually everyone with a typical budget.

WHY ME: I stand in a unique position having a background in both construction *and* design. I have a thorough understanding of how things can/should be built, but I've also trained under a nationally renowned designer who has taught me how to properly push the envelope and consistently create fresh new ideas that people fall in love with every time. I want to share my unique experience and vision with anyone and everyone who is seeking this type of service. In my personal experience, it seems to me that the architectural and landscape design of the world at large (mostly) lacks originality, thoughtfulness and all-around good design principles. I want to help fix this, one small design project at a time. If clients are seeking good design and something new, I am seeking them.



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