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Transforming Realities, Awakening & Nurturing Spiritual Connects to Enter New Dimensions of Love

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Who We Are & Why We Are Here
TRANSCEND Love is a Divine Collaboration of spiritually conscious beings who are here to raise the vibration of love on the planet. Our work is to actively assist with the ascension process on Mother Earth, as we move into a 5th dimensional reality.

We are calling forth a community of spiritually aware and conscious beings who are intentionally co-creating from their highest, best and most benevolent selves. Through our work, we seek to know ourselves as both a creator and a creation; and aim to be responsible for how we resonate in the world.

As our world evolves into a new age and new era, TRANSCEND Love supports beings to find ways to navigate in our increasing evolving world. We work collaboratively to remember and share tools, practices, techniques, and strategies to remain in the “eye of the storm” with grace and love, as our world moves into the Age of Aquarius and a 5th dimensional reality.

TRANSCEND Love seeks to:
Be of massive service.
Awaken and nurture our energetic body. Through our work, we remember that we are spiritual energetic beings having a human experience.
Expand our awareness and consciousness. We seek to explore the world, beyond our 5 senses and experience a multidimensional reality
Support beings to become responsible for how they resonate

What We Do?

TRANSCEND Love offers opportunities to transform realities, awaken and nurture spiritual connections to enter new dimensions (of love). In our work, we explore practices, tools, and techniques that focus on:
Remembering the gifts, skills, and tools that will continue to heal and raise the vibration of love on the planet
Releasing and letting go of the story of YOU (pain & trauma, separation, past hurt)
Releasing trauma and pain in our DNA (on a cellular level)
Healing generational, ancestral, and galactic bonds
Expanding our galactical awareness, perspective, and consciousness

How We Do This?
TRANSCEND Love offers online and in-person workshops and retreats. All our offerings focus on conscious and intentional creation that emphasize the importance of:
Learning to live as a witness, observer, creator, and light
Knowing yourself as both creator and creation
Developing conscious awareness of and shifting our physical, mental, and emotional states
Finding ways to stay grounded in this changing, swirling world
Establishing Personal Protective Practices by developing and utilizing psychic awareness/protection and spiritual discernment.
Embodiment of knowing by integrating physical practices like diet, movement, breath, affirmations, mantras…
Establishing conscious, intentional, regular daily practices and accountability practices and partner(s).
Finding your center, being in flow, and taking inspired action

TRANSCEND Love also serves as a online resource library to assist with the transition to 5D. Our library includes resources for:
Caring for your energetic body/bodies
Navigating energetic spaces
Spiritual Discernment
Multidimensional Living

Who do We Serve?
TRANSCEND Love supports beings who are:
healers, light workers, teachers, coaches, trainers, and beings who are being called to Raise Your Vibration, so you can continue to be a light in this time.
Are seeking a community to co-create with
Developing an understanding of themselves beyond their physical body and are interested in playing beyond their 5 senses

Key Concepts:
- Transforming Realities
- Nurturing Spiritual Connections
- Entering New Dimensions
- Feminine
- Elegant
- Playful
- Magical



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