Logo Design Contest

Rockit Shield

by ultimate1111

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Winning entry by DONNAC95

Company or website name

Rockit Shield

Slogan or Tagline

Protective Film Solutions

Describe your company and organization and target audience

As stated above....; Id like reds, grays, maybe aluminum or stainless look on the rocket. I would also like to see some play on the i in rock"i"t with a bouncing rock (like www.rocketshield.com current logo)as our products prevent damage from rocks.

The design should have the following

I picture an Icon with a pin up girl(sitting or standing) in front of a retro styled Rocket. Similiar to how you see fighter plane nose art with the girl in front of the missile or bomb. The logo and tagline would be next to it on the right.. This is just in my head so I am also open to different interpretations.

This design should not have this in the entries

Our target audience is 20-50 yr old males. We are going after the wholesale side of things so shoppers will be somewhat familiar with the offerings.

Colors to use in the design

Pin up girl: Not sure how pin up girl will look....I like Keith Garvey's style (toned down... sexy not vulger). I also like 50s or 60s inspired (more cartoony but not overly cartoonish) pin up girls (sexed up a little bit). Lastly i would also like to see some black and white or silhouette renditions. Rocket or bomb: Like to see it stainless (with red accents)vintage/ cartoon looking (again not too cartoony) . Maybe some flames or acceleration dust in the background (sometimes less is more so I am also fine wioth nothing at all). Also wouldnt mind seeing black and white or silhouette version. Logo font: Something Fast and strong, maybe retro if it looks right.

Briefly describe your contest

Vintage Sexy Rocket