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Official Hatchwise Contest- Redesign the US Space Force Logo

by batman2

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Official Hatchwise Contest- Redesign the US Space Force Logo

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Department Of The Air Force MMXIX

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Hello Hatchwise!
The USA Space Force, a newly established branch of the US Armed Forces, just released it's brand new logo, and to be completely honest I find it incredibly boring and think that running a design contest at Hatchwise would have resulted in something that was much easier to look at, so I've decided to hold a contest to find a better alternative (which I doubt the government will want to use but hey - I'll probably send it to them anyway.)
So here you go, the contest has a $500 prize (minus Hatchwise commission) and you can enter any take on the design that you want - whether serious, funny, cartoonish or incredibly professional, I want to see what you would have presented the government with if you had been selected to be the official government logo designer.
I'll be ranking the ones that I like best throughout the contest! Looking forward to seeing what you all got!

Hatchwise CEO

P.S. Here is the link to the USA Space Force: https://www.spaceforce.mil/

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All work must be 100% drawn from scratch.

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A fun new take on the Space Force logo