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I am the Technology Coordinator at Keller Williams Realty Memorial, a real estate brokerage (and franchisee of Keller Williams Realty, Inc.) in an affluent part of Houston (Memorial); this doesn't mean my office only caters to luxury agents and luxury buyers/sellers - in fact, the majority of the homes/properties we deal with are non-luxury, single-family homes.

When an agent (who is already licensed to practice real estate) joins our company there are a few forms they fill out and fees they pay up-front, and that's it, they're now officially an agent for Keller Williams Realty Memorial. The following few months for them are an overwhelming and grueling rush of information; in many ways it's like doing another semester at university for them - they receive a calendar with all the classes/events they should attend and the schedules, we hold them accountable for falling short of their goals and they are also rewarded for reaching their goals. Keller Williams is well-known in the industry for being much like a school for agents who want to build and maintain a successful realty business. It goes without saying - there is going to be quite a bit of technology involved in setting up new agents and providing both new and experienced agents with the tools they need to allow their day-to-day tasks to run efficiently.

That's where I come in. Although I'm a staff member, I - with the backing of my boss - am rolling out a program called "EZ-Tech" that targets both new and experienced agents with their technological needs. If things go especially well with this program, I might eventually go from being employed by this office to a contractor for them - this means that even though it’s a program that will be exclusive to my office (for now), eventually it could be a program I offer to any KW agent from any office. With that being said, it might better to just keep it as “EZ-Tech”, rather than, for example, “EZ-Tech by KW” et al. My boss did state that, although it’s a great program we will offer at my office and it would give us an edge over other KW offices and other realty companies (e.g. - Century21, Coldwell Banker, etc.), he would prefer that there is a separation between “EZ-Tech” and my office Keller Williams Memorial. The idea/goal is that this will be its own autonomous service exclusive to our office [and eventually other KW offices] and eventually grow to a point where it will require a team to manage it.

The services “EZ-Tech” will provide is: setting up their profile in our internal, online websites; I will help them import/export their contacts to our proprietary CRM and teach them how to manage their contact database, I will teach them how to use our office’s custom BackAgent-powered intranet (it’s sort of like an online message board/classified, document/file repository, calendar, etc.), I will help them set up their Placester-powered website; I will also help them set up and/or customize social media accounts (this is not a service most KW offices provide [it is assumed either agents already have social media accounts or that they do it on their own]).

For clients requiring premium services, rather than simply “assist” them in setting-up their technology, I can also provide a comprehensive package where I both set up their technology for them and teach them how to use everything (e.g. - rather than guide them on setting up their Placester website, I will do it for them completely and subsequently teach them how to manage the back-end of it). It’s like the saying goes, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Well, in my case I will either, “give him a fish” or “give him a fish AND teach him to fish”.



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