Gigster Pricing, Featured Reviews and Alternatives

Gigster - Fully Managed Development Teams To Build Your Software"

Meet Gigster:

Gigster is a platform that is designed to connect your business with the top 1% of designers, developers, and project managers. The platform is geared towards large scale software projects.

How Gigster Works:

When you work with Gigster, you’ll start by having a workshop that outlines your project’s goals. Then, you’ll be connected with a state-of-the-art team, that will complete your project. As your team works on your project, it will be maintained until it is finished and optimized.

Is Gigster right for you?

Gigster is right for you if you’re looking to have a software or application completed. This platform is primarily intended for projects that are substantial undertakings.

Why Gigster is awesome:

Gigster helps your company complete large projects, quickly. Plus, all of your projects will remain confidential, the entire time.

Pricing and Packages

For a standard job listing, you’re going to pay $149 a month, and for a featured job listing, you’re going to pay $199 a month.

Gigster is a platform that facilitates large projects, so you’re going to have to inquire with Gigster, to determine the price that you’ll have to pay. However, projects often range between $75,000 and $225,000+.

Turnaround Time

It usually takes around one to two weeks for your projects to be completed, with Gigster.

Gigster Pros

  • You get ownership over the projects that your freelancer creates
  • You can monitor your project, based on things like tasks, bugs, blockers, and team happiness
  • Gigster freelancers are curated from some of the best companies
  • You’ll receive documentation of your code
  • Gigster constantly supports, maintenances, and tests their projects for bugs

Gigster Cons

  • Gigster is only a software company, so there aren’t options for writing jobs or other small gigs