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Finien - "Clarity for Brand Transformations"

Meet Finien:

Finien is designed around brand trasformations. They incorporate new strategies to keep your brand relevant as time and customers change from year to year. They keep new brand names crafted for updated rollouts that are ready before you need them. In short, Finien sees the future of your brand and is prepared for it.

How Finien Works:

They do not list how they do things on the site.

Is Finien right for you?

They are a relaunch company. If you are looking to spruce up your brand, give it a look and sound that fits into the current sphere of customer optics, or just want to launch after a shutdown or temporary shuttering, then they are for you.

Why Finien is awesome?

They specialize in relaunching and are amazing at what they do. They transform current popular brands, turning them into something new that still has the feel of the original but with a new flair. You still recognize the quality of the brand and become associated and familiar with the new branding with a nearly seamless transition.

Pricing and Packages

No pricing listed.

Turnaround Time

No turnaround listed

Finien Pros

  • Member of the 1% club of philanthropic contributions
  • Create amazing new brand identities
  • Offer books for branding
  • Relaunch material provided quickly

Finien Cons

  • Limited information on the website
  • No pricing or turnaround.
  • All booking done by phone.