HarborSide Associates, LLC -a Graphic Design Contest by HARBORSIDE

Creative Brief

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Company or website name

HarborSide Associates, LLC

Links to the website

Website is in development.

Describe your company and organization and target audience

HarborSide Associates was founded to provide the research and data that set your unique strategic direction and power your commercial organization. Data driven insights are at the center of everything we do - whether we are teasing out unmet needs in the market with physicians, researching a new product concept with patients, or engaging a set of Payers to shape the go to market strategy for a new healthcare service, it all begins with finding the critical insights that can help differentiate and drive your business. HarborSide Associates is headquartered in Boston, MA and we conduct research and consulting projects across the United States, Canada, Europe & Australia. Audience: People who work in marketing, strategy, or business development at medical device, biotech or pharmaceutical companies engage with HarborSide Associates to get marketing, commercial and strategic support.

The design should have the following

I need 3 things completed for this project. The design should include (1) a logo for HarborSide Associates, LLC The logo design should be something simple, yet memorable. Images of lighthouses, boats, harbors etc. would be a starting point. I also need a (2) "sub - logo" that looks very similar but is used for HarborSide Data Insights. Lastly, I need (3) a color palette that matches the logo. This palette would be the colors I would use to develop PowerPoint templates, use for the website design, etc. I don't need a full "brand book"....just the recommended colors that match the logo design. Please see attachment for an example of what was developed for Seagrove Partners. The colors and image need to be different obviously but I included it to show what a solution might look like. The graphs on the right show how the color palette will be used.

Briefly describe your contest

I need help designing a logo and color palette for my new company, HarborSide Associates, LLC. Specifically, I need (1) the HarborSide Associates logo (2) A similar logo but used for HarborSide Data Insights (3) color palette that matches the logo. This will be used to design PowerPoint templates, charts, graphs etc. HarborSide Associates provide marketing and strategy consulting to companies in the medical, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. .