-a Graphic Design Contest by cloeffler

Creative Brief

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Company or website name

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Describe your company and organization and target audience

The website will be a repository for people interested in learning more about their strengths. Gallup Strengths profile or VIA Signature strengths have millions of followers. Target audience is business coaches, educators and counselors ages 40-60. The primary product is a free test/tool that helps people understand when they are "overdoing" their strengths. This is called The Balance Tool and will not include illustrations. Additional free resources will include a couple of ebooks that will need illustration to explain "overdone" strengths. All of the resources on this site will be offered to anyone free of charge under Creative Commons. The person who created this model and theory has spent 40 years refining it, is advanced in age, and wants to "give this away" to the world as his contribution to mankind.

The design should have the following

I'm attaching the original illustrations because the creator still likes how they communicate the emotions of overdone strengths. As the brand designer, I want to modernize the products. I'm proposing either an updated version of the attached illustrations OR, a new interpretation of the illustrations with color. The content of the tools are somewhat complex, so the illustrations need to be as simple as possible. I'm picturing either simple line drawings or colorful flat lay graphics. Again, the subjects need to follow the concepts in the original illustrations. If color is used, race and gender diversity is also important. The project will ultimately require 5-6 illustrations, however please create only ONE illustration of your choice for the contest. Once the winner is chosen, he/she will be asked to complete the illustrations for an additional $50 per illustration.

Briefly describe your contest

1 simple and modern illustrations of people "overdoing" their strengths based on attached old illustrations