Zifter -a Graphic Design Contest by DonDaMan

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Zifter Coin-Wallet

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Know what this is. A Physical Coin-wallet enabled by an NFC that can store key information that currently is transferable to another NFC reading app like Apple pay for an example. In the very near future ATM's/BTM's will be accessible. Go here (9:30 minute mark) to see the Coin-Wallet devise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMuZYi8U7iw Remember you will be working on this as Ziftercoin. Design a timeless yet digital look for this Coin. Another refenrence for coin designs can be found at coinwarz.com IMPORTANT: The design be clean and classic. I think deep crystal background (color) and Gold ZifterCoin symbol for starters. Electronic, Digital yet design a piece that will stand for years to come. Current color Blue-green stay with the theme but creative. Have fun and show me what you got!

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This will be the look of the ZifterCoin