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Specialty Cellars

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Specialty Cellars

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The Grave Digger

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Grave Digger is a new craft beer brand from California. Proposed launch styles are an India Pale Ale, Orange Witbier, and a Pale Ale. Consumers buying craft beer between the ages 21+ –skewed towards male beer buyers. Mass marketability

The design should have the following

We're creating a craft beer brand that we'd like to implement Afterlife, living skeletons, see attached work for similar brand. Logo: Logo must be a unique text with each style of beer needing a unique illustration for the label. Must have on the front label. 1) Logos (brand name) 2) Unique illustration for each style -> Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Orange Witber – Grim Reaper lookins individual with shovel in one hand and lantern in other hand, digging grave, name of beer on tombstone, different corpse illustrated in each grave – The Temptress Pale Ale, The Vixen Orange Wit, The Mistress India Pale Ale 3) Text with name and style of beer We will also need a back label with more info: 1) ABV % 2) Government warning 3) UPC code

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