Nemesis Racing -a Graphic Design Contest by jmumme

Creative Brief

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Company or website name

Nemesis Racing

Describe your company and organization and target audience

Looking to create and icon or logo for the race team. Our team races rally cars (subarus in particular) similar to WRC. We need something we can put on the car as a symbol or on clothing, stickers, posters, etc. It should not have the name Nemesis Racing in it. We want to a symbol that will be memorable so fans would associate it with the team. Generally, we would like the symbol to evoke the following emotions: fast, technical, slightly cynical, bold and courageous (or crazy as some folks describe us). We are hoping that the symbol could not only translate to motorsports, but outside of motorsports as well, i.e. people would buy the t-shirts because of the cool logo/symbol even if they weren't die hard rally fans. Please don't include checkered flags or cars in the symbol.

Briefly describe your contest

Rally Car Race Team Icon/Symbol