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Metosin is a software consultancy with 20 people. We have a much larger impact to our field than our headcount would suggest.

The design we need is for reminding ourselves of our principles of "Integrity", "Courage", and "Expertise". We would like to put the design up as a framed picture at our offices.

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No logo designs please. We are not looking to replace our existing company logo.
The design will be framed as a standard size poster. It should clearly show our principles of Integrity, Courage, and Expertise. Sometimes, we jokingly refer to these as "The Sacred Principles of the Metosin Way". The principles could be presented as a coat of arms, but other options are just as fine.

We have drafted longer descriptions of the principles, but these should not be included (as-is). Courage: We dive into and solve problems that seem challenging and may have been previously unsolvable. Expertise: We are a front-runner in technical competence and we find the best-fit solution to each problem. Integrity: We tell the truth, put our customer's best interest before other concerns, and we deliver what we promise.

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Poster design for principles of Integrity, Courage, and Expertise