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Image Design for a Graphic that Will Appear on a Web Page

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I have a idea and need your help. I have created what I call a rule graphic that I have attached in really rough form. I need someone to make a stunning icon like graphic that I will use over and over.

So, I've risked sharing my rough sketch with you but as that you use that simply as a starting point, the only thing that must be in it is a large boomerang at the bottom.

The graphic needs to have the base boomerang and then three graphical elements upper left, upper middle and upper right. (you see how I've used the mini boomerangs which I don't mind you using but know you can make them much better)

I've sent along three versions of the rough, conceptual image I've created, first one without any text a second one with text in it and the third one where I've replace the text with a text box that states the maximum number of characters of text that must fit into it.

The reason I did this is so you could see that there are constraints in the image in that I will need to put text in certain areas of the image that provide the desired information.
Your illustration will be viewed online and printed. (so you must create it in vector format to enable it to be responsive and scalable)

It will always appear in its own popup window or as an individual web page. (so having it be compact is really important as scrolling is not allowed to view the image so don't put any graphical elements or text outside the boundaries of the boomerangs)

Think compact and cool. Again, do NOT use the PowerPoint slides as your guide for design, simply to help you understand what must be included. (Beyond the need for the bottom boomerang which you should completely redo in terms of colors and can modify the shape as well so long as it is instantly recognized as a boomerang)

For this contest, please take the opportunity to invent and create something truly engaging, beautiful and groundbreaking. The final version of the winning graphic will need to provide standard file formats and the image in two version where what are currently seen as the top three mini-boomerangs will have different colors, one set will have them all the same color, one set will have them be different colors and contain the numbers 1 (upper left), 2 (middle top) and 3 (upper right)

As you design I hope you can help me achieve certain things.

A. Allow people to gain the insight they need while competing a task, or, in considering something, not forcing them to stop what they are doing.
B. Be clever in how it organizes and presents the areas or points in a logical way.
C. See the graphic as telling a story with beginning, middle and end.
D. Incorporate the attached 3R icon in the middle of the bottom boomerang as that is the icon for the Rule graphic.
E. Have two areas on the boomerang wings, that can ultimate contain the text Approach and
color for the boomerang itself and ensure the use of the 3R graphic within the boomerang and the Approach and Act areas (noted in the boomerang image provided in the second slide of the PowerPoint deck or if the system does not allow .pptx, then .jpg) of the boomerang will be clickable and dynamic to enable someone to select them to drill down for for detailed information.
3. You are creating an illustration that has no animation. It is static except for the fact that text will populate different areas of the graphic.So you will need to provide the different areas of the illustration as separate objects (rule name, description, level, etc.) and holistically to show the entire illustration.

I need to illustration in pieces so the location and area coverage of an area is known to understand where to place text taken from a database. So, again, make something that:

- It is memorable and visually appealing. (make a statement!)
- Does not require any scrolling to preview the entire illustration/graphic. (including mobile devices)
It can be used to present varied types of information across different topics that are presented as a rule.
- Uses a modular approach in how you create and combine the graphic elements that represent each area of the rule of three graphic. This is critical, to allow dynamic presentation of data recalled from a database in specific areas, that some people would call fields. Therefore, a field in a database record will be rendered in a field on the graphic based upon a query.

If you are selected as the winner of the contest, you will be required to deliver each area of the illustration as separate graphic files in .jpg, png, .ai, .gif and .psd formats
The overall graphic and individual graphic must be original work by you and cannot utilize previously created, already existing photo, graphics, illustration or other visual elements held/owned by others. All rights for each element, the overall graphic and the concept will remain the property of the contest holder with not rights given to the contest winner without express written permission.
All created artwork in whole or part will become the property of the contest holder.

The design should have the following

Ability of each area of the design deemed an interactive area to accommodate a minimum number of characters of a minimum point size. (noted in the file provided in this contest listing)

Briefly describe your contest

Creation of a master illustration, call the rule graphic, made up of separate areas that will later be populated dynamically, with text based upon a