ConceptDrop Pricing, Featured Reviews and Alternatives

Meet ConceptDrop:

Get away from design contests and freelancer applications with ConceptDrop. At ContentDrop, you are paired with an exciting team of designers and artists to maximize your effectiveness with marketing and sales materials. They give you the tools to succeed.

How ConceptDrop Works:

They have streamlined your creative needs with a simple ordering process.

That’s it. If you love the product, approve it. You get up to 2 free hours of revisions.

Is ConceptDrop Right for you?

If you prefer to work with freelancers instead of agencies, then yes. They have a host of products and a readily populated staff of available freelancers at their disposal for your convenience. They attach you with the best option to give you the best work and always at a premium in time and affordablitly.

What makes ConceptDrop awesome?

Their resources for outsourcing are available 24 hours a day, they span 4 continents, and the best part, everything is very privacy driven. You never have to worry about your designs or your information being shared. Plus, they have freelancers for every industry, so nothing is left out of the loop when you need specific designs.

Pricing and Packages

To have an individual project done the starting price is $150, but prices vary wildly with the type of work needed.

If you want to set up for a plan, $5000 is the baseline, you can upgrade at any time, and this is a discounted rate.

All payments are made via a credit card.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time varies with the project.

ConceptDrop Pros

  • They have freelancers in every field
  • Freelancers span 4 continents
  • 24-hour availability
  • Tech and analog marketing options
  • Easy to sign up

ConceptDrop Cons

  • No guarantees
  • Contract work
  • No turnaround baseline.