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Farmer Freeman

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Farmer Freeman provides DNA/genetic testing services to businesses is in the agriculture (cannabis and hemp) industry. We are a small team of experts and work closely with our business clients. For this brochure/media kit, we want to showcase a new product specifically to business customers. Our new product is called DNA Track and Trace and is used to identify unknown or mis-labeled plants by testing the DNA, then comparing that DNA sequence to our stored DNA-database built from samples the customer previously submitted.

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Marketing Material Should Contain: • Farmer Freeman Company Logo • Graphic of Plants with DNA Track and Trace Tags • Graphic of DNA Collection Card • Graphic of DNA Storage Vault • Graphic of DNA Sequence • Graphic of DNA Sequence with highlighted letters indicating a DNA match to an unknown DNA sample. • Graphic of Unknown Plant being matched and grouped with the appropriate DNA/Label Use these graphics to highlight the workflow we use. 1) Customer submits DNA collection cards from their plants to be stored in our vault. 2) When a customer needs to identify a plant, they send a new DNA collection card of the unknown plant. 3) The DNA sequence from the unknown plant collection card is compared to the DNA sequences of previously submitted cards. 4) When a match is found, the unknown plant can then be identified as the matched DNA sample previously submitted.

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Plant DNA Track and Trace Infographic Brochure