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Hi everyone!

We thought you would appreciate this recent contest entry to a logo design contest for a drink brand, we think it’s awesome.

Great job, FactoryMinion

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Character Creation for Shankapotumus

In the world of graphic design and branding, creatives face a special kind of challenge when it comes to bringing characters and mascots to life. While logos and letterheads can be relatively simple, characters have to be drawn from scratch, as well as showcase a brand or product. Today’s featured design contest was done for Hatchwise client Dishman, who needed a character designed for their warm and fuzzy bedding brand, called Shankapotomus.

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A Brief History of Logos, from Hieroglyphics to Heraldry

We tend to think of logos as those distinctive images that symbolize a brand. They appear on signage, product packaging, and marketing materials so we can easily recognize our favorite companies. 

As highly visual creatures, our brains associate visual patterns with ideas, aka pictographs. Logos are a type of pictograph, and they are anything but new! In fact, pictographs existed long before the written word.

Let’s dive into the fascinating and diverse history of logos, from primitive labels to sophisticated emblems.

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The Complete History Of The NBC Logo

NBC was founded in 1926 and is known as the oldest major broadcasting network in the US, with a fascinating history and unique story.
The American television network is owned by Comcast through NBCUniversal and is known widely for its simplistic and classy logo.
Perhaps even more interesting than the company’s history and the unique beginning is the history of its iconic symbol that has made its mark on the world with just one stylish design. The iconic peacock logo.

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Featured Design Contest: The Handy Guys: Home Repair Company Logo

For this featured contest, we’re spotlighting a logo design for Hatchwise client Mnrland, who requested a new logo for The Handy Guys, a full-service home repair company serving homeowners and property managers. 
Our client requested that the design feature a cartoon-style mascot character, but they were also open to receiving other ideas. They specifically wanted a color scheme featuring reds, blues, blacks, yellows, and white, and asked that the design be fun, clean, and colorful. Above all, they wanted the logo to communicate that the company provides handyman services. 
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