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Shankapotomus - Character Creation

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Shankapotomus - Character Creation

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Shankapotomus - Character Creation
For Bedding Brand

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Character Creation / Logo for: Shankapotomus

What's a Shankapotomus? Think of the Abominable Snowman (google it if unsure) meets a Hippopotamus. We don't want a design similar or copying the Abominable Snowman or want a straight up Hippo, but this helps you understand. In fact we could go totally opposite. Could be a frail looking looking man from India that is cold and needs to get warmed up. You see we can go interesting looking creature that is warm and furry and wants to be even more warm by stealing people's bedding. Or we can go the opposite a character that needs to steal bedding because they are thin or lack warmth.

A Shankapotomus is just a crazy, funny, furry looking creature that loves to be warm. He loves being warm so much that he steals the warm blankets and comforters from unsuspecting victims. And that is what Shankapotomus the brand will represent. Shankapotomus will be the character / logo for a line of warm and furry bedding products. The character has to be unique. If anyone looks at it and says "that looks like X" that is no good. Totally unique, interesting.

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Shankapotomus - Character Creation