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Sometimes the best logos are the least traditional. This entry (submitted by Reza97) for a B.B.Q logo design doesn’t feature the normal color you would expect with such a logo, but it sure is eye-catching! A great way to think outside of the box! 

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The History Of The Amazon Logo

When it comes to online sales there is one company that consistently stands out from its competition. We probably don’t need to tell you what company we’re referring to but in case you haven’t guessed Amazon yet, well Amazon is that company. 

There’s a reason why shoppers visit Amazon consistently and it’s not only because shoppers can buy anything under the sun in a single purchase. What keeps shoppers coming back is that Amazon is a brand consumers trust and what built that brand awareness is a logo that is recognizable worldwide. 

Read on below to learn how Amazon’s logo helped make their business skyrocket. 

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Effective Team Management Strategies

When you look at any leading company, you’ll find that behind the company, is a good leader. After all, a company is only as good as the person who runs it. There are lessons all managers can learn by looking at the leaders behind the companies they admire and looking at what effective team management strategies those leaders have utilized. 

To help you in building a successful team, we’ve outlined four effective team management strategies below. 

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Characteristics Of A Successful Business Owner

Small business owners have a lot in common. They are resourceful and creative, among other things. But aside from finding common traits among business owners, there’s an important question to ask: What traits do the ​best ​ business owners have?

Business owners are a small percent of the population. When you talk about which ones are the ​best ​ , you are talking about a small group of people indeed. It’s an elite group, really.

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The Barbie Logo and Its History

The Barbie logo is iconic and the part of the brand that has made a huge impact on its success. The brand has grown greatly and without the famous pink logo and creative font, it wouldn’t have made it this far. Regardless of the competition that arises and what the industry goes through, the Barbie visual identity is known for representing the iconic brand. 

Although it’s gone through a few changes in time the logo has also kept specific elements that have maintained consistency and kept the signature brand relevant. If you’re curious to see how the logo has changed throughout the years and how it’s managed to be successful and aid the brand, then continue reading to see the evolution of the Barbie logo and how it became the logo that we’re familiar with today. 

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