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FEATURED Logo Design Of The Week

We are big fans of this winning design from a recent Hatchwise contest, Submitted by creative ekowahyu, this is a fun new logo for a California-based full-service dog grooming spa!

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The History Of The Dunkin Donuts Logo

The famous global donut and coffeehouse company that has quickly become known as one of the most legendary in the nation was founded in 1950. This same year they released their first logo, the one that would build the foundation for the logo developing into the strong icon that we know it as today. Dunkin’ Donuts is a foodservice chain that’s known for both their donuts and their coffee. The company was founded by William Rosenberg in the city of Quincy, Massachusetts and since then has grown massively from where it started. 

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Featured Logo Design Contest: 4Horsemen

Every so often we love to take a look at the contests that are run on Hatchwise and see what the client requested and the entries that were submitted based on the request from the client. It’s always fascinating to see what designs were submitted and the design that the client choose to be their next logo. In this particular contest, the client was looking for a new logo for their business. 

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The History Of The M&M Logo

Some candy is associated with certain times of the year. Think about it. Candy corn around Halloween, candy canes and peppermint patties around the holidays, and Peeps around spring. Other candies meet consumers no matter what the occasion or time of year is. A prime example of a candy that does this is M&M’s.  

Below we take a deeper dive into this iconic candy and look at how M&M’s have become one of the most recognizable candies in the world. 

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20 of the Best Businesses to Start

The entrepreneurial spirit does not live in everyone.  Some people like the normalcy and reliability of a full-time job working for a company for their lifetime.  But others need autonomy and the ability to express themselves creatively. People often moonlight with their special skills and keep their full-time jobs.

For those hoping to become a full or part-time entrepreneur, the technology available today makes it easy to start a business without a lot of overhead.  Starting a home business is possible if you are willing to dedicate the time and energy to make it work.  Here we share 20 of the best businesses for you to start.

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