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Hi everyone, take a look at this cool logo design that was a recent contest winner!

It’s a great example of how text-based logos can be awesome and unique too! 

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The History Of The Pixar Logo

From Toy Story to Finding Nemo to The Incredibles to recent animated films like CocoPixar has been a part of so many of our childhoods.

The magic of Pixar lies in a brand that captures the imagination we felt as children on the big screen. As adults, we turn to Pixar for nostalgia and bring our children to Pixar films to have them experience the joy we once felt. 
Some brands might struggle with capturing this feeling of imagination and translating it into a logo design, but Pixar did not. As Pixar’s imagination continued to grow over the years, its logo only became more popular.

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Featured Design Contest: Rare Genetics Inc.

Art and design have the power to bring meaningful stories to life. When combined with a noble cause, the impact can be truly profound. One such remarkable endeavor took place here on Hatchwise, where designers from around the globe participated in the “Shirt Design for Rare Genetics Inc.” contest. 

Rare Genetics Inc. is dedicated to raising awareness about rare genetic disorders and supporting individuals and families affected by them. Let’s break down some of the standout designs from the contest, shedding light on the artists’ creativity and how their creations echo the heart of the company’s mission.

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Featured Design Contest: One Six

Sometimes clients come to Hatchwise for an entire logo redesign. Other times they come in hopes of solidifying their first logo, and other times clients are looking for a simple, refreshing take on an existing design. For One Six, the latter is what brought them to Hatchwise.

When One Six started filling out a creative brief, their vision was simple; the financial management firm wanted an updated corporate logo to roll out. Like Hatchwise’s other clients, the brief was all One Six needed to put Hatchwise’s designers to work.

After the contest concluded, and after receiving nearly 80 entries, One Six awarded the winning design, and this design has become the new face of their business.

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Branding Mistakes To Avoid; Why Your Business Needs Effective Branding

Any successful business needs to provide a high-quality product or service as a foundation. However, to establish and maintain a presence in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, you need something more: brand identity.

To stand apart from the competition and build a loyal customer base, brand identity (or branding) is critical. If your business lacks a persuasive and distinctive identity, it may be modestly successful, but it’s not going to reach its full potential.

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