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*New* Logo Design Needed For: Loot n Level

A client is looking for a new logo design for their company; Loot n Level.

The client has filled in the following information in their contest brief about what they are looking for in the design:

“The logo should be simple, memorable, and instantly recognizable as a video game store. It should feature the brand name “Loot N Level” prominently and incorporate elements of gaming and collecting, such as treasure chests, coins, or game controllers. The color scheme should be bold and eye-catching, using bright colors that evoke a sense of fun and excitement.

The logo should be versatile enough to be used on a variety of platforms, including the company website, social media accounts, and merchandise such as t-shirts and stickers. It should also be scalable, allowing it to be easily resized without losing its clarity or impact.

Overall, the logo should capture the essence of “Loot N Level” as a fun and engaging online video game store that appeals to a wide range of gamers. It should convey the excitement of discovering rare and valuable loot and the satisfaction of leveling up and progressing through earning trade is discount rewards. “

To enter the contest please go here.

The client (Davisk323) is offering a prize of $350.00 for a winning design.

This contest is active and here are some of the entries it has received so far:

To enter the contest please go here.
To view the complete contest brief go here.

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