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Happy Friday,
It’s that time of year! The 2021 Hatchie Awards are now open for voting and we couldn’t be more excited!🔥🔥🔥

We’ve seen some genuinely incredible logos nominated so far, so get ready to vote for your favorites during the upcoming weeks! The top three vote-getters take home fame, pride, and CASH!

George Ryan 
…and the rest of the Hatchwise Team

Featured Design of the Week

We love this creative entry that was the recent winner of a Hatchwise contest. It’s an excellent example of how you don’t need a ton of color to create an eye-catching design! Great job, MD KOWSAR1997!

20 of the Best Businesses to Start

Hoping to branch out on your own and enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle?  There are many ways to make that dream happen.  You could take your expertise and market your services to a particular market.  Or learn a new trade to offer services that interest you.  Sometimes it is just about finding the right solution to answer the problems of others.  If you’re ready for the autonomy and freedom that comes with owning your own business, start compiling business ideas and choose the best one that works for your experience and skill.

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How Digital Marketers Can Protect Valuable Data

The coronavirus crisis has upended how businesses operate. Many companies have moved their product and services online, and most employees are now working remotely or in a hybrid setting. We’ve also seen massive changes in how businesses market their products and services during the ongoing pandemic. As a result, some key digital marketing trends have emerged.  

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Tips For Finding The Right Photographer For You

Whether you are needing to take photos for a business or wanting special portraits of yourself and your loved ones, you may be considering whether you should hire a professional photographer.

If you want to have memorable and professional-grade photos, you should certainly consider this option. However, you will also need to know how to find the right photographer for your niche, needs,and personal preferences.

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What Makes a Good Gaming Logo?

Good gaming logos are easy to come by; you can get them nearly anywhere. However, to make not only a good gaming logo but a truly great gaming logo, is a different story. Great gaming logos leave their mark on players and are what makes games stand out. They’re signature to games and as important as the game itself. To create a great gaming logo you need talent and knowledge. 

Here are our top tips on making a good gaming logo and the basics of creating a gaming logo. With this knowledge, you can get started with your gaming logo to know exactly what you need to create the best gaming logo yet. 

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