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FEATURED Design Of The Week

Hi guys! This entry is from a current active contest. We think it’s both unique and fun.

Great concept, Urke!

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 Be 50% more efficient with time spent when you track freelance work with Daybeam, the best free time-tracking app

It is starting to look like remote work, freelancing, and contract work are here to stay. For some, this is good news and will usher in a better work-life balance.

For others, it has resulted in anxiety and worries about possible drops in productivity and an inability to know how their workers are performing. 

An array of time-tracking tools have been introduced to help resolve these concerns and keep remote work as a viable working solution. Enter Daybeam, the new kid on the block.

Daybeam approaches the timekeeping chore from the standpoint of generating the key data points that business and agency owners need to attach an accurate cost profile to each task or project type and identify areas for potential improvement.  

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Featured Design Contest: Ironclad Plumbing and Drain

Ironclad Plumbing and Drain, LLC is more than just your average plumbing company; they are a residential service-based plumbing company dedicated to crafting plumbing solutions and forging peace of mind, which is their slogan for their customers in northeast Ohio.

The slogan emphasizes not only their expertise but also their commitment to reliability.

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Featured Design Contest: The Wanderosa

Wanderosa is more than a travel company. The Wanderosa inspires adventurers in a world of wanderlust. This organization was founded by dedicated travelers to create unforgettable travel experiences.

Wanderosa searched for the appropriate logo to reflect their wanderlust. They used Hatchwise, a logo design contest website that matches businesses with skilled designers, to realize their goal.

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The Complete History Of The Forbes Logo

Forbes Magazine has withstood the test of time and survived the Great Depression, the Second World War, and the birth of a new millennium to emerge as one of the most influential business publications in the world. Today, they receive over 150 million website visits and reach more than 5 million print readers each month. 

The world has changed drastically since the first edition of Forbes magazine hit shelves, and so has the brand’s logo. As a purveyor of words and ideas, Forbes has consistently chosen a simple wordmark to represent their business, though they have been unafraid to experiment with the style to help them stay relevant throughout the decades. 

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