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FEATURED Logo Design Of The Week:

Hi everyone! We love this line art logo concept that was entered in a recent contest for a publishing company. Sometimes simple is the best! Great job. MelizardWorks!

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Google makes a new update and introduces new website names, favicons, and sponsored labels for desktop search

Companies like Google are tasked with being at the forefront of innovation and change. They are leaders that help set industry standards and help other companies know what they should (or shouldn’t) be focused on.

That’s not to say that everything companies like Google do is correct and should be the golden rule, but often, they get things right and release so many updates it can be hard to keep track of them.

This week was no different. Earlier this week, Google released a soft desktop update that they released on mobile devices back in October. Since its mobile release, Google has been testing out this desktop update since November.

Now, when you conduct a Google search, your search will look a little different.

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The History Of The Paramount Logo

When you put on a new movie, without thinking twice, you always expect to see the animated movie logo of the film company appear before the movie starts. Whether it’s the 20th Century Fox lion roaring, the Pixar magnifying glass bouncing across the screen, or Paramount Pictures’ iconic mountain and stars flashing across the scene – with any big box production, the animated logo is expected to appear.

It takes time to build up a logo to 20th Century Fox’s, Pixar’s, and Paramount’s level – creating a highly recognizable logo doesn’t happen overnight. With patience, a highly skilled design team, and a few other things, it is possible though. 

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Featured Design Contest: Viper

Working for a logo graphic design company is a great privilege, as we witness some of the most stunning designs through our website.

Recently, we came across a logo design contest that caught our eye, and we wanted to share some of our favorite designs with our readers. In this article, we’ll share our top favorite designs from this logo design contest!

Read on to learn about the contest, what was requested, the client, and to see a few of our favorite designs! 

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The History of the Doritos Logo

The Doritos logo has seen some big changes over the years, but the brand itself has stuck with the American people as one of their favorite snacks come game day and beyond. In fact, Doritos’ intense brand image is all about strong marketing that plays into the long-standing favorite of US residents- the Super Bowl, movies, and celebrities. 

These focused efforts have been part of the brand’s success from the beginning, and a striking visual is a big part of that. 

But where did the logo come into play and how has it changed over the years? What is the company all about and how does its visual identity, particularly its logo, echo those features?

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