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Sometimes simple is the best. We really love this eye-catching logo designed by Amit1991 for a vegan bed and breakfast inn!

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Where to Post Your Startup Online: The 100 Best Startup Directories & Startup Listing Websites

You have turned your great idea into a startup business and developed a website for it. Will traffic start flowing to the website by itself? I hate to break it to you, but getting early adopters takes more than that. 

You’ll want to do some initial promotion or get some visibility online to get the traffic you need. And this is where the Startup Directories and Review Sites for startup businesses come in. These websites allow you to post your product/startup website and get feedback, press coverage, and early adopters.

But if you haven’t heard of these directories, don’t fret. This post presents you with the 100 best startup directories and review sites to submit your startup business. 

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The History Of The Dollar Tree Logo

 Dollar Tree was established in 1986 and is now one of the most popular and well-known retail companies in the United States. Although you might now know Dollar Tree as a fully functioning and affordable store that you visit every so often for your shopping needs, it wasn’t always the store that we’re familiar with today.
Dollar Tree has become an iconic store today and is incredibly popular, but it has a strong history and a story that begins differently than what you might assume.  continue reading…

10 Job Skills Needed For 2022

Every new year is a new beginning, full of unlimited possibilities. 2022 is no different. 

Do you want to start a new career this year? Are you up for a promotion at work against a colleague? Or are you longing to be recognized as a top employee for your company? Whatever your situation is, 2022 will provide you with a clean slate to chase after your professional goals. 

To help you ensure you are the top candidate choice for an employer, we’ve rounded up the 10 most important work skills in 2022 you’ll need.

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How To Hire The Perfect Employee For Your Startup

You’ve got a big idea and you’re ready to put it into action. You and your co-founders have meticulously planned your marketing, financial, and management strategies.

You’ve got backers and funding and you’re ready to roll. Now, it’s time to add employees to your team. Hiring for a startup or small business can be a challenge.

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