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Company Naming Project for triad

by ilevelpartner
Design Brief for triad
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Name of Contest:


Who we are:

All three of these companies are food and supplement brokers. What these types of companies do is represent several Brands as sales agents. These brands want help in getting their products into natural, supermarket and club stores etc. We earn commissions on these sales which typically equal 5% of all sales made into these stores. The partner companies are iLevel Brands www.ilevelbrands.com Crossmark www.crossmark.com and Old Colony Foods www.oldcolonyfoods.net
The target audience are buyers in these chains that will approve a product to be sold in their stores.

What they need written:

We need a name for this group of companies to explain to the entities in our market channels to show the combined capabilities of the new Partnership group. This name will then be turned into a logo. This in not what we want but is an example of what we are looking for.
Supermarket Gurus
Triad group

This is very important:

We need a name that will be able to have a unique spelling that will allow us to be able to have a dot com that is open for us to grab. We plan to get a trademark for this new company name so keep all of that in mind.

What we do not want:

Something that is a me too. It cannot be something that will not resonate with Supermarket buyers. Rudimentary names that lead to logos with a green leaf etc that are cheesy wont work.

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