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Trotter's Wholesale Slogan $150
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Slogan Creation Project for Trotter's Wholesale Slogan

by TrottersWholesale

congratulations to contest winner:

Design Brief for Trotter's Wholesale Slogan
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Name of Contest:

Trotter's Wholesale Slogan

Who we are:

We are a local Cash and Carry for groceries/bulk food/paper supplies/candy. Our goal is to be what Dollar General is to Wal-Mart to Sam's and Costco. We want to be the smaller, easier accessible store that is friendlier and more service oriented than your larger stores. We will sell fresh steaks, fresh chicken, fresh pork products. We will also have bulk frozen chicken tenders, chicken wings, ribs, french fries, and much more. We will have bulk paper supplies, plates, carryout containers, aluminum foil, plastic cutlery, toilet tissue, paper towels, and other random paper products. We will have bulk candy in many popular varieties. Our target is people who cook at home and small restaurants and establishments that don't buy enough to meet the larger distributors minimums.

What they need written:

I need something simple, quick, and to the point that will get people curious of what we have in our store.

This is very important:

Needs to be simple and to the point.

What we do not want:

Nothing too wordy

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