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Handi Sanni $150
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Company Naming Project for Handi Sanni

by annejuaire

congratulations to contest winner:

Design Brief for Handi Sanni
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Name of Contest:

Handi Sanni

Who we are:

COVID has dramatically changed the need for readily available sanitizing. Nowhere is this more obvious than at the many sporting, entertainment, and celebratory gatherings where 1000’s, often tens of 1000’s of people are assembled in close proximity to one another. Organizations must provide a healthy experience for those who attend these activities.
Hands are the worst source of contamination, especially in athletic venues. Seats are difficult to keep clean, people want to eat, perhaps pass money down the aisle. These examples are a few of the many challenges to keeping an individual’s hands clean.

What they need written:

What should we name our new to the market (almost!) product.

This is very important:

Our solution to this problem is a plastic bracket with a universal C clamp that attaches itself to the back of seats and benches. This device, when attached to the seat or bench, would conform to the seat back or bench and provide a platform for holding and dispensing hand sanitizer from small bottles. Thus assisting organizations and venues in creating a safe customer experience

What we do not want:

Overall our product is an apparatus, system, method for suspending and delivering hand sanitizer solution from stadium/auditorium seats and benches. The device uses a C clamp design to clamp a holding structure on to seat back and benches and is molded in a way that conforms to the seat and bench reducing interference is aisles yet remains readily available for use. This holding structure is designed to fit small capsules from where hand sanitizer solution can be dispensed as needed. Seat backs do vary in design, and therefore, the C clamp grasping design can be adjusted to accommodate changing seatback designs.

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