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Christmas Bar Naming Contest $150
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Company Naming Project for Christmas Bar Naming Contest

by Plethora

congratulations to contest winner:

Design Brief for Christmas Bar Naming Contest
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Name of Contest:

Christmas Bar Naming Contest

Who we are:

We are a pop up bar with a Christmas theme. We would like to name the bar on the lines of christmas.

What they need written:

two name we like are
The Sleigh Bar
Elf'ed Up

We cannot use these names due to copyright issues. We would like the name that does not sound cheesy. The name should be catchy and should want people to come check it out and buy drinks and get drunk. The name should also signify a place which is kid friendly

The name should be sleek simple fund.

The bae will be decorated with lights and will have props from various christmas movies that will rekindle memories of those movies.

This is very important:

Not Available

What we do not want:

we don't want cheesy name like santaville

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