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Steady Crypto makes it easy for Australians to set up automated monthly investments into blue-chip cryptocurrencies. The app is launching soon, and customers can join the waitlist to be first in line when the product launches. Launch is planned for mid-2022. Our target audience are everyday people who want to invest in cryptocurrencies, probably for the first time. They want a simple, trustworthy product that makes it easy to buy crypto.

The design should have the following

Clean and simple and professional. Not cartoonish or gimmicky. The app seeks to target everyday people who are just entering the crypto market. Think more "Banking", "Investing", or "Accounting" and less "Bitcoin" or "Crypto". The landing page should have a form to let users join the waitlist. It could also have the steps to use the product, something like: 1. Create an account. 2. Choose a monthly deposit amount. 3. Deposits are automatically invested. Withdraw anytime! Some example websites we like are , and .

Briefly describe your contest

A website to let people know about a simple investing product coming soon