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Mulberry's is located near the flats of downtown Cleveland. It has a lot of space that it would like to use for rent. They are looking to market to companies in the Cleveland area to host their events at their space. Their main niche is to have a place to provide a "fun" atmosphere such as corporate game nights. However, they can host most any events. They are looking for the middle customer, not trying to compete with the high end wedding market like other venues in the area.

The design should have the following

The website needs the following features:

There should be a calendar (probably on the home page) for people to see if Mulberry's is open for their event or not. They should be able to click a button to request that Mulberry's hold their time slot open. This should open up a form that the customer would fill out to provide more information such as Name, contact information, brief description, etc.

There should be a place for people to look at photos and videos of the venue space, as well as previous events held there.

Basic information to get a hold of Mulberry's such as a map, address, phone number, email address, and a form to submit questions.

Some section of the website should help explain what services are offered. The initial idea is like most website where there is a place that explains what type of services are available such as "event hosting", "corporate games", etc.

Links to social icons such as facebook, twitter, and instagram

Would like a place to be able to share customer's experience with Mulberry's

Have a place where people can view the dimensions of the floor plan for planning their event

Please see the attachments for home page mockup and color palette. Do not feel restricted to the mockup or color palette, but they are suggestions to get started.

The following site was used for inspiration when drawing up the mockup:

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Downtown Event Venue Website